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We specialize in servicing and repairing for iPhone devices.

We offer repair and replacement for all range of iPhones in the market. We are proud to offer repair services for you! Let’s face it. Accidents happen unannounced, I know, it is sad but true. But you know what? AppleSensei can fix it for you. We have original replacements so that your broken iPhone will be as good as new.

Why choose us?

C.O.D service, door to door service

Cash on Delivery is available as a payment method for all fixable device!

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24 hours customer support, contact us anytime!

Instant Fix ( Only available for selected service only)

Face-to-face repair, instantly check your device & solve the problem within few hours.

100% legit repair service, no change customer’s hardware

We are 100% legit repair service! We don’t change your original hardware to clones..

No Quotation!

Sorry, we don’t provide quotation.

Fast service

You can count on us! We are fast and efficient, you will get your device back in no time!

How to Order?

  • 1. Choose a service

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  • 2. Book a time to meet

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  • 3. Fill in your information

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  • 4. COD with us

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  • 5. We fix your device.

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  • 6. We deliver back your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a community of people helping people to fix their apple devices.

Is AppleSensei a franchise?

No. We are currently building our brand for fixing your apple devices in a cheaper price!

Do we change your device original parts to clones?

NO, WE DON’T & WON’T. We realized that a lot of phone repair shops do that to selfishly benefit themselves.. You can trust us, ’cause we respect our customers!

Why do you need my passcode or password? How do I know that you or your technicians won’t go through my stuff?

The reason that we require that our customers leave their passcode with us is because we need to fully test your device before we start with the repair. It is our policy.

Usually there are several phones ahead of our customers when they drop them off, so to make the process flow, we ask for your passcode so that we can test the speakers, Wifi, cellular connection, proximity sensor, home button, power button, front and back cameras, etc. You see, we want to make sure that if we break anything during the repair process, that we will know that it was our fault, so we can then fix the additional issue at our cost.

Your privacy and comfortability is a huge deal to us, so as an alternative, any customer who seems uneasy about leaving their passcode is given the option to have us test the device at that time in front of them so that there is no need to leave a passcode. However, we are a very busy company, so when there are several people in line, we don’t always have the time to perform the tests on demand. In this case, if you refuse to leave your passcode so that we can test your device, we will kindly ask you to setup an appointment for your repair, and return at that time so that our technician can properly test your device with you before your repair. But if the customer refuses to leave the passcode with us, even after we have offered the private appointment option, we will suggest that the customer explore repair options at another company the performs these types of repairs.

Why don’t you guys fix other smartphones, tablets or video game systems other than Apple products?

Because our profession is on Apple devices, we fully focus on Apple products and enjoy working on it!

I need to send my iPhone or iPad to AppleSensei to repair. I can’t wait to get my iPhone up and running again! But how do I send it to you? And more importantly, where do I send it to?

Just pack your device up, and include a note with your name, phone number, passcode, and any other information, then make an appointment with us and choose a location that is convince for you to meet up with us. We will call you with your repair estimate and get payment from you after the repair is successfully completed.

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